Box Blog: #whatsinthebox?! December 2016

#What IS in the box??!

This is where we give you all the info you might need to start exploring your box, if you haven’t bought one yet, come on( you’ll be missing out on all the following:

We don’t want to blow our own but as usual we reckon we’ve come up trumps (trumps – is that even a word we can use pun-wise nowadays?!) with the goodies included in this box.


First up lets get straight onto the slightly threateningly looking vibrating cock ring that is ‘Rock Rings: The Vipers Kiss’; its not half as scary as it might look and will hopefully give you double the joy.  Its a jelly cockring so plenty of flexibility and will help you achieve a harder, firmer erection, all with added bonus of a mini bullet to give you that much loved buzz AND two stretchy rings to add texture and feeling, who says good things don’t come in small packages eh?!


Next up; Systemjo-prolonger-sprays JO’s Prolonger Desensitising Spray, it might not look much but this handy travel sized spray is perfect for partners who prefer prolonged pleasure (try that tongue twister after a beer!).  It promises stronger, harder erections, is super easy to use and is also latex safe to use with condoms.

give-lube-lube-shotThe award winning team at Give Lube really know their stuff and this 10ml Premium Aqua Gel Lubeshot is all you need for a single encounter.  Great for on-the-go fun, contains skin pampering properties like aloe vera and panthenol and is safe with condoms and toys.

Lets not ignore the full sized bottle of Dona’s flirty shave gel. It contains Dona’s signature blend of aphrodisiacs and pheromones, basically it smells great! Its also gentle enough for intimate areas and protects against bumps, razor burdona-flirty-shave-gelns and other irritations so no excuses for not looking and smelling AND feeling amazing down there!

With the added tasty sweets that top off your box, we hope you’ll find something, if not everything a down-right treat and a half and hopefully you’ll have found some mutual fun with your chosen one along the way. Don’t miss out on what you could find in your next box, we always ensure that customers don’t receive the same box twice – we’re organised like that! Until next time…keep it fun and keep curious! 😉

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