Guest Blog by the Glorious Elizabeth Swan – @Baker_St_Swan

Sex shops can make me uncomfortable. I know. Bloody ridiculous given what my job is. I work as a dominatrix so I spend a lot of time trawling sex shops buying new kit. My experiences range from the irritating sixteen year old who followed me around whilst trying to tell me how a vibrator works and a creepy little man cornering me in a shop to show me his vast dvd collection. I have also had embarrassing experiences taking products back only to find out that it DOES work I just hadn't put the third battery in. However that was due to my ineptitude rather than the fault of the shop - but you get my point. So what I love about DeadSetOnPleasure’s boxes is that you have none of that. Even though you know the theme of your box you have no idea what will be included inside. And when it arrives you get to play and experiment with products that you might never have come across otherwise. There are exciting times ahead. And many, many orgasms.
Look out for more thoughts, naughty or otherwise from our lovely Elizabeth soon, in the meantime find her on twitter @Baker_St_Swan and

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