Review of a Surprise Box by The Oooh! Review

Twitter can sometimes be a harsh world, and it can be hard to determine whether people want to genuinely review your product for what it is or are just out to get as many freebies as possible. I know this sounds like I’ve started off this post by slating reviewers, I can hear it now, “uh oh shes knocking reviewers – that’s not a good idea” “who does she think she is?!” I’m honestly not, but believe me when I say we have learnt the hard way.

Money is tight when you start off out in the big wide world of e-commerce and when DSOP started out, offering boxes to bloggers and reviewers who we thought would give us a fair, honest and unbiased review, actually wanting and needing genuine feedback to be able to improve and grow, we got both equally disappointed and frustrated when we never heard from them again (we would never name names), we’ve offered prizes for sharing and liking posts in the past, only to be blocked when we’ve picked a genuine winner (we didn’t understand either, I guess some people get over excited when liking and sharing?!). Don’t get me wrong, I love the business and social media is crucial these days so its bloody brilliant when you come across a reviewer who not only has interest in your products but really likes to help and we found that from The Oooh! Review guys (@theooohreview). Genuine is a word that keeps getting bantered about but this time it is genuinely genuine! We’d love you to check out our latest review on a Surprise Box