#whatsinthebox – Kicking January up the ass



Its official, the January Blues are ‘a thing’. It’s that time of year that most people wish they could spend under the covers, hibernating until they see some glimpse that things are changing, weather-wise, work-wise or life/love-wise. That time when we spend serious time thinking about how many layers we can get away with wearing before we start getting weird and worrying looks from friends and family, and that’s not counting the extra ‘natural’ winter weight we might have succeeded to put, ok, pile on, over the space of the Christmas fortnight.
But, fret not! There are lots of things we can occupy ourselves with over this miserable month, and they might even be enjoyable things, things that make us forget about the lousy weather and the extra pounds, plus you can even stay in bed to do them…sign me up now I hear you cry!
Life is all about experiences and we like to hope that you will be impressed with your stash of goodies in this month’s box. So, if you’ve been curious and clever enough to sign yourself up for a one off box this month (it’s not too late btw, find us @ www.deadsetonpleasure.co.uk) or indeed you are one of our lovely subscribers this is what you could find in your box;

handcuff-and-tapeA perfect excuse not to have to leave the bedroom; a set of metal, easy release handcuffs and pvc bondage tape in a tasteful shade of purple, if handcuffs intrigue you, you’re not alone: A recent LifeStyles Condoms SKYN Sex Survey found 26 percent of respondents reported a desire to incorporate restraints into their sexual routines, and 15 percent said they already do. Why are handcuffs so sexy in the first place? Control —or lack thereof — is a huge factor.

The Vi-Bo by well-known quality toy manufacturer, Tenga is an exciting, different looking toy that anyone can enjoy, it’s so versatile. It’s fun, vivid design and easy to use one button, single speed design means that you can just get stuck in, plus it’s made with completely safe materials and is waterproof.



butt-plug-thriller-assIf you’ve ever been tempted to try something different in the bedroom, then here’s your perfect opportunity; the Thriller Ass vibrating butt plug and cock ring combo is ideal for those of you who love a fuller feeling. The butt plug is round, smooth and intensely satisfying. This toy features a stretchy, comfortable cock ring for a great fit. It gives him a firmer erection that lasts longer, while delivering thrilling anal pleasure for a double dose of ecstasy. This cock ring and butt plug duo features 10 vibration rhythms and the easy control design makes this a fuss-free favourite. This anal toy intensifies your bottom pleasure and the high-quality silicone makes it a regular bed pal that’s great for use with a playful partner.
jo-h20-anal-lubeYou wouldn’t really want one without the other, so a perfect partner to the Thriller Ass (above) is System Jo’s Anal H20 water based personal lube. With System Jo water based lubricant, you’ll really feel the difference. This 75ml anal lubricant is designed to feel like a silicone lubricant and has a super smooth and silky finish that makes it a favourite. This anal lube is perfect for beginners or those who regularly use an anal lubricant. It’s easy to wash off, and the high quality pharmaceutical ingredients make it a firm favourite.

sir-richards-3-packIn a handy 3-pack, Sir Richard’s condoms are ideal for spontaneous pleasure or on-the-go fun. When it comes to a barely-there feel, Sir Richard’s Ultra-Thin condoms deliver a more natural feel thanks to their super sheer design. These condoms have been put through numerous safety tests to ensure your peace of mind and we love that they’re Vegan certified and PETA approved.
These Ultra-Thin condoms are perfect for couples that love a closer encounter. They’re free from chemicals, and are without glycerin, parabens and petrochemicals. These condoms deliver supreme sensitivity and are just as strong as other condoms in the Sir Richard’s range. And, for every condom purchased by discerning people like you, one is donated to someone in a community in need!

Pah! Those January blues can kiss mine! We don’t like to be party poopers here at DSOP so we’re not going to spoil your surprise with anymore info, but feel free to email us @ hello@deadsetonpleasure.co.uk if you want to know more about any of the products you discover in your box, or send us your review/testimonial on your purchase (any that end up on our website will be displayed as anonymous unless you want to be famous!) and receive a discount off future purchases with us!







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